Clarity Acoustic tab with lyrics by John Mayer - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

John Mayer – Clarity Acoustic tab

Clarity (acoustic live) by John Mayer

This is a tab from a live perfomance John Mayuer did, it should be 99% correct. It has 
differences from the album version, but John Mayer often plays his songs different live (acoustic)

The verse and intro goes like this (this is different from the album version but 100% correct):E|-----------|B|-------5---|G|---4---7---| The chords are fingerpicked, so just find a jazz rhytmD|---5---4---|A|---2---5---|e|---3-------|
After each verse he plays:
E|------------|B|------------|G|---7---14---| FingerpickedD|---5---12---|A|---x---x----|e|---3---10---|
The Chorus is also different from the album version but is 100% correct.
E|--------9---5--| E|--------9---5--|B|--------10--3--| B|---12---10--3--|G|---16---9---2--| or G|---11---9---2--| Here you just strike the chordsD|---16---11--4--| D|----9---11--4--|A|---14---9---2--| A|---10---9---2--|e|---15----------| e|---------------|
The Bridge pretty much goes like this just strike the Chords
E|----------------| E|-----------------|B|----------------| B|-----------------|G|---14---14---12-| G|--14--14--12--10-|D|---14---12---12-| 3x D|--14--12--12--10-|A|---12---13---10-| A|--12--13--10--8--|e|---13---13---11-| e|--13--13--11--9--|
This he plays right after the Bridge:E|----------------------------------|B|----------------------------------|G|----x--x-x--x-x-----x--x-x--x-x---|D|----x--x-x--x-x-----x--x-x--x-x---|A|----x--x-x--x-x-----x--x-x--x-x---|e|----12/2\12/2\12----14/2\14/2\14--|
Tabbed by Thomas Thyregod
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