John Mellencamp - Deep Blue Heart chords

Deep Blue Heart
John Mellencamp

C AmDaylight is leaving and the night is closing in
C AmIn just a few hours the sleeplessness begins again
F C F CMy head feel thick and I am unable to think
C F CI guess Iíll wait Ďtil tomorrow and see what it brings
D F CI have a little hope left and I guess thatís someplace to start
C F C But my memory is full of a Deep Blue Heart
C AmMy fun loving sense of humor is nowhere to be found
C AmI stare into my own eyes with tears flowing down
F C F CIíd sing out a song but Iíve forgotten the tune
C F CAnd the words now escape me but I think it was about you
D F CMy vision now is way out in the dark
C F C With just a little sight left of a Deep Blue Heart
C AmI see us both flying in the clear blue sky
C AmFloating out on the ocean with the sun in our eyes
F C F CCaught in the moment, just me and you
C F CIn complete honesty, where everything is true
D F CThatís what I wanted to believe, right from the start
C F C Just a little place for myself in your Deep Blue Heart
C F C Carve out a place for myself in your Deep Blue Heart
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