John Murphy - In The House In A Heartbeat tab

This is my self tabbed version of in the house in a heartbeat, it sounds pretty much 
(although i am playing it on an acoustic with 7 days experience)

email me errors @

guitar 1 (acoustic or electric) (all the way through to the outro)

guitar 1 (outro)
outro is played when drums + guitars 2 and 3 stop guitar 2 (electric)
that is the bit played on about 16 seconds, too many strums to note down lol, listen to song for strumming pattern guitar 2 (electric)
repeated 28 times guitar 3 (electric) repeat 12 times (starts after 16th repeat of guitar 2)
Guitar 1 plays all the way through until outro starts Guitar 2 starts on 16th "beep" of Guitar 1 after playing the piece SOFTLY twice, it is played once more, with steady increase of hardness then guitar 2 plays the main riff 28 times on the B string on the 5th riff from guitar 2, drums start playing the beat. on the 17th riff from guitar 2, guitar 3 plays the riff on the A-string, 12 times after the (12th of guitar 3, 28th of guitar 2) riff is finished, the guitars and drums with a halt, and guitar 1 performs the outro twice.
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