John Nathaniel - Down To You chords

Down To You
by John Nathaniel

:) i was looking all over for the tabs for this song but i wasn't that lucky
this is really a good song, too bad it didn't become too popular
john nathaniel has one of the best voices of this generation's musical artists, 
you should try to look him up :)
here's a link to this song:
don't mind the video, it's fanmade :D

Verse 1:
G DSo you told me
Emwhat it's like to be
C Gfar away
Dand you've shown me
Emwhat it's like to see
Cthe way
Emonly you
C can stop the clock
Gcan break the lock
D for good and then you see right
Em through me
C through everything
G Dand then i'll feel
G completely delirious
D Emthis love is just all over me
C Dand when i'm running down to you
Gi am strange and contagious
D Emthis love is just all that i see
C D G-D Em-Cand when i'm running down to you i am lost
verse 2: (same as verse 1) something's changed me something's made me see right above when you touch me yeah, you set me free from this love pre-chorus chorus bridge:
Am C just so lost
G within your thoughts
D within your mind
Amin between
C the world and you
G Dyeah, i stand behind and wait for you
Amyeah, nothing can change
G C Dnothing could hold me back from this love, yeah...
*ad lib* *i'm sorry i still don't know the tabs for this part*
Gcompletely delirious
D Emthis love is just all over me
chorus 2x thanks for viewing!!!
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