Day Is Done tab ver. 2 with lyrics by John Prine - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

John Prine – Day Is Done tab ver. 2

This is a pretty good tab. You just have to get the right timing
 for the song and there are a couple variations which you can
 probably pick up on your own. My first tab and hope you
 enjoy it.

G D A De|---3------3---|---2------2---|-0--------0--|-2-------2---|B|3---3------3--|----3------3--|--2------2---|--3-------3--|G|--0--0---0--0-|--2----2-2--2-|---2--2-2----|---2--2-2----|D|--------------|-0------0-----|-2-----2-----|-0-----0-----|A|-2------2-----|--------------|-------------|-------------|E|--------------|--------------|-------------|-------------|
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