In Spite Of Ourselves tab ver. 2 with lyrics by John Prine - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

John Prine – In Spite Of Ourselves tab ver. 2

I think all of the tabs are pretty poor for this song,so here is how I play
the song.  It is played in a basic country-blues style alternating bass
fingerpicking.  The version I am tabbing this from is on Youtube and features a
picture of his album
"Sweet Revenge."  This version does not use a capo, but sometimes he plays this song capoed.


C Major X 2 F Majore-3-0---0-------------0-----|-----------------------------------------|B-----------3---1-1-3-------|-----1---1-------3---1-3-----------------|G-----0-------0---0-----0-x2|-0h2---------0h2-------------------------|D---------------------------|-------3---3-------3-----3---------------|A-3-------3-----3---3-------|-----------------------------------------|E---------------------------|-1-------1---1-------1-------------------|
C Major G Majore-3-0---0-------------0----|-0-------------0-------------3---3--------|B-----------3---1-1-3------|---3---0---------3---0---------------0----|G-----0-------0---0-----0--|-----------0-------------0----------------|D--------------------------|-----0-------0-----0-------0---0----------|A-3-------3-----3---3------|---------------------------------------2--|E--------------------------|-3-------3-----3-------3-----3-----3------|
e---------------| For the majority of the song from here on out, I simply B-1-------------| pick out a country blues pattern around these chords.G-------0---0---|D---2-----------|This little bit to the left (the last little bit of intro)A-3-------2---3-|is also used at the end of each little verse segment.E-----3---------|
HERE ARE MY PATTERNS: C Major pattern F Major Patterne-----------------------------|---------------------------------------|B---1-------1-------1-------1-|---1-------1-------1-------1-----------|G-------0-------0-------0-----|-------2-------2-------2---------------|D---2-----2-------2-------2---|---3-----3-------3-------3-------------|A-3-----------3---------------|---------------------------------------|E-----3---------------3-------|-1---1-------1-------1-----------------|
G Major Patterne-------------------------------| At times the G major pattern will need toB---3-------3-------3-----------|extended without playing that final B note.G-------0-------0-------0-------|Only finish it with that B note when leadingD---0-----0-------0-------------|back into the C major Chord (tonic).A-------------------------2-----|E-3---3-------3-------3---------|
Here are the Lyrics and the chords so you know when to play each pattern: C C She don't like her eggs all runny, She thinks crossin' her legs is funny F C She looks down her nose at money, She gets it on like the Easter Bunny, G G C She's my baby, I'm her honey, I ain't never gonna let her go. C C He ain't got laid in a month of sundays, caught him once he was sniffing my undies F C He ain't too sharp but he gets things done, drinks his beer like its oxygen G G C He's my baby, and I'm his honey, Never gonna let him Go Chorus: C F C In spite of ourselves, we'll end up sittin' on a rainbow G C F Against all odds, Honey we're the big door prize, We're gonna spite, Our C G noses right off of our faces, There won't be nothing but big old hearts C dancing in our eyes.
Instrumental break:C F C Fe-0----------------------------------------0---0------------------------|B-1-3---------1------1-3---1-3-------1-----------3---------1------1-3---|G-----0-0h2--------------------0---------0---0-----0-0h2----------------|D-----------3------3-----3---3-----2---------------------3------3-----3-|A-3----------------------------0h3-----3---3---3------------------------|E-------1-------1----1-----1-------------------------1-------1----1-----|
C F Ce-----------------0---0----------------------------------------0---------|B-1-3-------1-----------3---------1------1-3---1-3-------1-----------1---|G-----0---------0---0-----0-0h2--------------------0---------0---0-----0-|D---3-----2---------------------3------3-----3---3-----2-----------------|A-----0h3-----3---3---3----------------------------0h3-----3---3---3-----|E-1-------------------------1-------1----1-----1-------------------------|
C Ge-0---0---------------------------------|B---------1---3---3-------1-------------|G---0-------0---------0---------0---0---|D---------------0-----------2-----------|A-3-----3---------------2-3-------2---3-|E-------------3-----3---------3---------|
Rest of the song continues as normal: C C She thinks all my jokes are corny, Convict movies make her horny, F C She likes ketchup on her scrambled eggs, swears like a sailor when she shaves her legs. G C She takes a lickin', and keeps on tickin', Never gonna let her go C C He's got more balls than a big brass monkey, He's a whacked out weirdo and a lovebug junkie F C Sly as a fox, Crazy as a loon, Payday comes and he's a-howling at the moon, G C He's my baby, I don't mean maybe, Never gonna let him go Chorus x 2 and fade out. This should be a pretty good guide to the song. There are several ways to play these fingerpicked countryish tunes and make them sound great. Experiment. Thank you, Mr Prine, for being a fantastic songwriter.
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