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John Prine – Dear Abby chords

DEAR ABBY by John Prine

C F CDear Abby, Dear Abby, my feet are too long
C D GMy hair's falling out and my rights are all wrong
C F CMy friends they all tell me, they're no friends at all
C F CWon't you write me a letter, won't you give me a call
G F CSigned Bewildered
C F CBewildered, Bewildered you have no complaint
C D GYou are what you are and you ain't what you ain't
C F CSo listen up buster listen up good
C F C Stop wishin' for bad luck and knockin' on wood
C F CDear Abby, Dear Abby, my fountain pen leaks
C D GMy wife hollers at me and my kids are all freaks
C F CEvery side I get up on is the wrong side of bed
C F CIf it weren't so expensive I'd wish I were dead
G F CSigned Unhappy
CHORUS: (unhappy)
C F CDear Abby, Dear Abby, you won't believe this
C D GBut my stomache makes noises whenever I kiss
C F CMy girlfriend tells me it's all in my head
C F CBut my stomache tells me to write you instead
G F CSigned Noisemaker.
CHORUS: (noisemaker)
C F CDear Abby, Dear Abby, well I never thought
C D GThat me and my girlfriend would ever get caught
C F CWe were sittin' in the back seat just shootin' the breeze
C F CWith her hair up in curlers and her pants to her knees
G F CSigned Just Married
CHORUS: (just Married) END
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