John Prine – Silent Night All Day Long tab

Th[G]ere's a pine tree in a window in a house on a h[D]ill With a tree top angel sitting perfectly st[G]ill She's watching the shoppers w[G7]alk through the sn[C]ow With their arms full of tre[G]asures and he[D]arts all ag[G]low Chorus: We held ha[C]nds and stared at the lights on the tr[G]ee As if Christmas was invented just for you and for [D]me. When the a[G]ngel on the treetop req[G7]uested a s[C]ong. We sang Silent Ni[G]ght a[D]ll day lo[G]ng The[G]re is a family that's gathering in some living ro[D]om. Dinner on the table that's been cooking since n[G]oon. The stockings on the mantle are ha[G7]nging with c[C]are. While everyb[G]ody is sa[D]ying their pra[G]yers. Repeat Chorus:
Th[G]ere's a room out there somewhere with a woman in a ch[D]air With memories of childhood still lingering th[G]ere. How pretty the paper, the li[G7]ghts and the s[C]now. How precious those m[G]emories of lo[D]ng long a[G]go. Repeat Chorus: Ending: When the an[C]gel on the treetop requested a so[G]ng. We sang Silent Night a[D]ll day l[G]ong
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