John Prine – Christmas In Prison tab

		   Christmas in Prison - John Prine

Tabbed by: Dave S.

Tuning: Standard

Artist: john Prine
Album: Souvenirs
Year: 2000

G C It was christmas in prison And the food was real good G D We had turkey and pistols Carved out of wood G C And I dream of her always Even when I dont dream G D G Her names on my tongue And her bloods in my stream. Chorus: D C G Wait awhile eternity C G D Old mother natures got nothing on me G Come to me, Run to me C Come to me, now G Were rolling My sweetheart D G Were flowing By god (Repeat Intro) G C She reminds me of a chess game With someone I admire G D Or a picnic in the rain After a prairie fire G C Her heart is as big As this whole goddamn jail G D G And shes sweeter than saccharine At a drug store sale. (Chorus) (Repeat Intro) G C The search light in the big yard Swings round with the gun G D And spotlights the snowflakes Like the dust in the sun G C Its christmas in prison Therell be music tonight G D G Ill probably get homesick I love you. goodnight. (Chorus)
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