John Sebastian - Face Of Appalachia chords


Song: This song in on John Sebastian`s "Tarzana Kid" album which 
featured a great cast of musicians backing him  
The Pointer Sisters, Phil Everly, Ry Cooder, 
Emmylou Harris, David Grisman, Jim Gordon, and Lowell George, amongst

Words and Music by John Sebastian and Lowell T. George

1. aa
D Bm7Bein` born in-- blocks of--- buildings, -oe
C G Dwith a sub~~~~~~ way lul-la-bye
Bm7 When I dreamed of-- Ap-pal-a-chia
C G Dit was dreams~~~~~~~ That had to die
Bm7 Em7 DCoal trains wail~~~in` banjos frailing
Bm7 Em7 DSounds es-cap~~~in` through the night
G/D G DBut the Face~~~~~~` of Ap - pa-la-chia
C G Dwas there-- in that grey~~~~~ apartment life
D Bm7. I would fashion I`d imagine
C G DSome-where steeped~~~~~ in water-falls
Bm7 Wild birds sing to a five string
C G DBouncin` mus~~~~~ic off mountain walls
Bm7 Em7 DCoal trains wail~~~~~in` banjos frailing
Bm7 Em7 DSounds escape~~~~~~in` through the door
G/D G D But the Face~~~~~~~~ Of Appalachia was there
C G she was chang~~~~~in` that`s for
D C G D sure~~~~~ she was chang~~~~in` that`s for sure.
D Bm7 Grand pa made me quite a promise
C G D For the day~~~~~ I came of age
Bm7 He said we`d walk through Appalachia
C G DNorthern Geor~~~~~~gia all through to Maine
Bm7 Em7 DDreadfull sor~~~~ry my beloved
Bm7 Em7 DSuch a prom~~~~~~ise couldn`t keep
G/D G D All my dreams~~~~~ of Appalachia
C G DJust an old~~~~~~ mans memories
C G D Just an old~~~~~~ mans memories
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