John Valby - Shithouse Blues chords

"Shithouse Blues"
Artist: John Valby
Chords: Maniac1075

12 Bar Blues 

G Ahhh
CAh, hey bob a re bob
GAh, hey bob a re bob
D C G DAh, I got them shithouse blues
F G Your mamas in jail,
F GYour papas on bail,
F G Your sisters on the corner
Gyellin' pussy for sale
NOTE: Whenever John plays this, he will ask the audience for names, and make up verses about them. Return to the chorus after each verse. [Classic versus] I know a girl Her name is Lisa You can fuck her now and charge it on Visa I know a dago his name is Guido his dicks so small he can fuck a mosquito I know a girl her name is Lori Her cunts so big it's got a second story I know a bouncer his name is Louie the front of his pants is always Gooey I know a lawyer his name is Frank He's so full of shit he needs a septic tank See that boyscout turning green someone pissed in his canteen
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