John Vanderslice - Me And My 424 tab

John Vanderslice - Me and My 424

Bm G A De-|----------|-----10-14----15-14--|B-|----------|---------------------|G-|----------|---------------------| (x4)D-|----------|---------------------|A-|----------|---------------------|E-|----------|---------------------|
Bm G you know it's the time A D so goodbye for now Bm G i crudeley descend A D the stairway to defend G A Bm D me and my 4 2 4 (x4) (the same chords for the rest of the song) Bm - G - A - D (x2) Bm G i piss you off in slanted rhyme A D walk away in 3/4 time Bm G and the nude descends A D the stairway once again Bm G basement living always mends A D i'll come to you then Bm G shell shocked pale gray A D a box of TDK's G A Bm D me and my 4 2 4 (x4) Bm - G - A - D (x2) Bm G you can ask my 424 A D for guidance and for help Bm G as it pulled me through A D number five and number twelve Bm G say goodbye to model two A D cause the discontinued you Bm G i got parts and i got spares A D unlimited repairs G A Bm D for my 4 2 4 (x4) Bm - G - A - D (x2) Bm G A D Bm G it's not really fourtracks A D Bm G you can add and you can suuuuuuubtract A D Bm G A D unlimited sky aaaaabove you and me G A Bm D me my 4 2 4 (x4) Outro:
Bm G A De-|----------|-----10-14----15-14--|B-|----------|---------------------|G-|----------|---------------------| (x3)D-|----------|---------------------|A-|----------|---------------------|E-|----------|---------------------|
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