John Vanderslice - White Plains tab

		     WHITE PLAINS - John Vanderslice
From Cellar Door LP
Tabbed by: cdmoser

Tuning: standard

Chords:  G,C,Em,Am,C,D

       G                      C
on the sunday after the mason dance
         G                C
its the one day I can remember when
          G                    C
I felt so pure and really at peace with myself
          G                         C
I was in love, the sun sang down victorious

        Em            G         Am            D
but the truth is that I have no faith in happiness
             Em              G
it turns to fear, draws the devils near
    Am           D
so I jumped the fence
             C (walk down to Am)   
and went out west

Alternate between these two chords for the verses:e|----x----x-----------|B|----x----x-----------|G|----4----5-----------|D|----5----5-----------|A|----5----3-----------|E|----3----3-----------| G C
Chorus:e|--0----3----0----2----------------------|B|--0----0----1----3-------1--1-1---------|G|--0----0----2----2-------0--0-2---------|D|--2----0----2----0--x2---2--0-2---------|A|--2----2----0------------3--2-0---------|E|--0----3--------------------------------| Em G Am D C walk down
Back to verse chords: "Abilene got a sales job as a pharmaceutical rep lived out of hotels, rental cars and a stowable bag I drove all day from hospital pacing and clinic sweats I drove all night I couldnt ever sleep now anyway" Chorus: "I tried, but the old devils, they found me in my room I hid under the covers and cried out as they tore off my sheets so I went east" Verse: "Vietnam Im long gone Im up the river way past Mekong" Chorus: "but the old devils, they found me in my hut they poured through the windows, they cornered me and I cried out, to no one: I give up. End on Am
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