John Wesley Harding - Talking Goodwill Christmas Blues tab

I don't think this is 100% but it sounds good enough to sing along with

(I just copied the Oh Come all ye Faithful from a tab I found from this site)

e-----3-----3-----3-----3-----2-----2-----2-----2--|b--------------------------------------------------|g--------------------------2-----2-----2-----2-----| repeat this a bunchd--------------------2-----------------------------| of times until thea--------2-----3-----------------------------------| above part is callede--3-----------------------------------------------| for
I dont know those cool parts in between, heres the words: Well I flew to L.A. for the very fist time and met Howie Cline & Semore Stien they said "Wes, we do this christmas thing we got all the acts to sing" I said "what you want a cover of winter wonderland or somthing" they said "do what like" so this is called talkin' goodwill christmas blues, this is how it goes here it goes well christmas comes but once a year 364 days to get your ass in gear and, he's a sucker, he's a fool the man who don't revier the yule so this christmas is just me and you and a large helping of sweet baby jesu may all your christmases? be vary white and your boxing days be out of site but, spare a thought when you give a gift for the people doing christmas shifts cause christmas is a time for giving like lifetime is a time for living, yea well they say that money has taken over and nobody wants a cheap lego or pull over they say that when any bell rings one of god's chrildren gets its wings, ding talkin' of wings theres a sign in LA X that says "495 shoping days til the christmas after next" buy now cry later, so deck your halls with missle toe and save your cents and hope it snows, and watch some old films on tv but don't nock over the christmas tree or you'll be cleaning up pine needles in july a universal truth unfortunatly, christmas hootin-nanny (12-2 days of christmas) and your apartment is in a big mess and the a.s.b.c.a. is not to happy either so Im behind the speakers over here wishing you a hip-hop happy new year a wicked christmas and the coolest yule if your by a fire or in a swimming pool John Wesley Hardings the name and this is the groove he was never known to make a foolish move watch out for the record when it hits the shelves happy christmas enjoy your elves
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