Johnny Cash – Goin By The Book tab

a                                    c             d  a      a... 
You can see it in the moveis, in the paper and the tv news.
a                 c      d      a      a...
Sombody's army is always on the move.
a                             c                               d 
There's gonna be a battle the lines have been drawn, they got guns and  
          a       a...
tanks and planes.
a                               c                       d           a    a..
The wells have gone dry and the water is bad and in the air is acid rain.  
a                         c         d            a    a... 
There's war after war and rumors of war from the East.
a                                           c        d       a     a...
There's a rumblin in the ground and they're talkin about the beast  
a                           c                        d                 a
Good mothers cry 'cause the rivers run high with the blood of too many sons.
a                        c                  d                 a    a.....
Some people say peace is on the way but the worst is still to come.

a                                      c 
'cause the prophets wrote about it and Jesus spoke about it and
d                  a   a... 
John got to take a look
a                                   c           d                 a         
and he told us what he saw and it's easy to see, it's goin by the book
c,d,d                a 
    It's goin by the book.

a                                  c             d         a     a...
There's armys in the citys and the missels stand ready for flight.
a                           c      d        a     a...
A pale horse rides like the wind across the night.
a                                   c
and that rumblin in the desert like thunder gettin closer, 
        d                         a    a...
are the trumpets gettin' ready to blow?
a                                  c
There's gonna be a shout that will wake the dead, 
     d                  a  a...
we'd better be ready to go


c,d,d                a    a,c,d,d                a
    It's goin by the book       It's goin by the book
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