Johnny Cash – Frankie And Johnny tab

Left handed
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Well now Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts 
They were true as a blue, blue sky 
He was a long-legged guitar-picker  
With a wicked, wondering eye 
               D                     G 
But he was her man nearly all of the time 
Well Johnny he packed up a leaven' 
But he promised he'd be back 
He said he had a little picking' to do  
A little further down the track 
                  D                       G 
He said,"I'm your man, I wouldn't do you wrong" 
Well Frankie curled up on the sofa  
Thinkin' about her man 
C                                                 G 
Far away couples were dancin' to the music of his band 
                  D                       G 
He was Frankie's man he wasn't doin' her wrong 
Then in the front door walked a redhead 
Johnny saw her right away 
     C                                                G 
She came down by the bandstand to watch him while he played 
                  D                  G 
He was Frankie's man but she was far away 
He sang another song to the redhead 
She smiled back at him 
Then he came and sat at her table  
Where the lights were low and dim 
                    D                      G 
What Frankie didn't know wouldn't hurt her none 
Then the redhead jumped up and slapped him 
She slapped him a time or two 
     C                                                  G 
She said,"I'm Frankie's sister and I was checking up on you" 
               D                          G 
"If you're her man you'd better treat her right" 
Well the moral of this story 
Is be good but carry a stick 
Sometimes it looks like a guitar-picker  
Just can't tell what to pick 
                  D                               G 
He was Frankie's man and he still ain't done her wrong  

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