Johnny Cash - You Wild Colorado tab

E                                A
Oh you wild raging river like my woman's lips you lure me
A    E                   F#             B7
Pipe-piper of the desert roll on to the sea
B7         E                              A
You're the same at noon or midnight and I follow where you go
A          E                         F#  B7     E
But you're planning no returning you wild  Colorado

E    A                         E
If I had no love of life I'd become part of your flow
E                                      F#  B7     E
But I fear the place you'd take me you wild  Colorado

Oh you wild raging river from the fountains of the mountains
You ripple down the valley growing wide and swift and deep
With what power you cut your canyons how long ago
You're as wayward as my woman you wild Colorado

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