Johnny Cash - Mobile Bay tab

A                                       D                   A
We were sitting 'round the garbage can passin' round the bottle, We were

D                   A                  E               A
cold and burning anything, that was coming up to burn. a shaking man said

                   D              A
he had left his family back in boston, and i knew i'd hear a whole lot

         E                    A
more, before i'd get to tell. a bearded man in his army coat said the

D                           D
answer boys was jesus, the one called joe said all i know is ain't

        E      A                                     D        
january here? one guy said lets have a drink to blackstaff arizona?

and i thought i might freeze to death before id get to tell

          A             D                A                  E
Chorus: Back to mobile bay, magnolia blossom. cool summer nights warm

       A                      D                     A         
flowing streams. and all my dreams, somewhere ive lost 'em, mobile bay

           D               A
magnolia leaves sweet rosaline

Then just carry on like that for all the other verses

submitted by jinja
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