Johnny Cash – Rock Of Ages tab


Rock Of Ages    Johnny Cash   See Live in Denmark 1971 DVD

G                               D
It rained all the way to cincin  ati
        C                       G
with our matresses on top of the car
G                   D            EM
Us kids we're eating crackers and bologna
    G                      D                 G
Papa kept on driving, never stopped once at a bar

G                              D
Then mama started talking about Jesus
D                           EM
and how our lives we're gonna be
     G                               D
while papa bought a used tire in Columbus
C                    D                       G
Mama rocked the baby, 'til all her tears were gone


G             D                  C
She said your papa is a good man, and don't you kids forget it
G                           D (Progress deeper.)         C
Whiskey's trying to ruin him but I know the L-ord won'- t let it.

G                             D
Then we sang Amazing Grace and Bringing In The Sheep
       C    (pause) C           G     D       G
Rock Of Ages        Ro - ck  O-f Ages  left for Me

(Talk to G chord)

I remember when papa finally did give up drinking. I think mama was the only one on 
that really believed he could.

I remember a lot of times we packed up everything we owned and started out for some new 
And through it all mama's faith was the one thing strong enough to finally do some good.

(Chorus) end.
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