Johnny Cash - Blistered chords

Capo 1 
A I got great big blisters on my bloodshot eyes from lookin'
A E A At that long legged woman up ahead
A What she does simply walkin' down the sidewalks of that city
A E A Makes me think about a stray cat gettin' fed
D She's got a whole lotta motion in her soul I know
A E But her soul ain't the place she lets it show
E She got a body, oh yeah, she got a motion, oh yeah,
E Lord I'm blistered, oh yeah
A D She done tore my soul apart put big blisters on my heart
E A What a mighty crazy crooked way to go
I got great big blisters on my fingertips from reachin' In my pocketbook and pickin' out the bills And I got tiny white blisters in my throat from tryin' To ease my nervous tension takin' all them happy pills And ever since she started runnin' round from bar to bar I just can't eat a bite or keep my stomach settled down Chorus twice
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