Johnny Cash - Apache Tears chords

C G C F Hoof prints and foot prints, deep ruts the wagons made
C G C G The victor and the loser came by here
C G C F no head stones but these bones bring Mascalero death moans
C F G C see the smooth black nuggets by the thousands laying here
C F G C petrified but justified are these Apache tears
C G C F Dead grass, dry roots, hunger crying in the night
C G C G Ghost of broken hearts and laws are here
C G C F And who saw the young squaw they judged by their whiskey law
C G C Tortured till she died of pain and fear
C F G C Where the soldiers lay her back are the black Apache tears
C G C F The young men, the old men, the guilty and the innocent
C G C G Bled red blood and chilled alike with fear
C G C F The red men, the white men, no fight ever took this land
C G C So don't raise the dust when you pass here
C F G C They're sleeping and in my keeping are these Apache tears
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