Johnny Cash - Thats Enough chords

			     Thats Enough - Johnny Cash
Tabbed by: Silberio

Capo. 1st fret to play along with the original song.The intro is something like this:e|--------0--2-----0-0--0-----2--3-3--2----0------0-----------------------|B|---2-2-----------0-0--0-0---0--0-0--0----0------2-----------------------|G|-----------------1-1--1-1---2--2-2--2----1------2-----------------------|D|-----------------2-2--2-2---1--1----1----2------2-------2-----2-----2---|A|-----------------2------2---2-------2----2---0-------------2-----------2|E|-------------0---0------0--------------0-------------0-----------0------| Here, it's strummed PM|-------------------
EWell, now I heard that you been talking about me,
B7 EReally, I don't mind
E I know you try to block my progress,
F#7 B7A lot of the time.
EWell the mean things you said, don't make me feel bad
A Cause I can't miss a friend, that I never had,
E B7 (I've got) I've got Jesus, and that's enough,
A E (that's enough) that's enough.
AWhen I'm sick, (he's there), in trouble, (he's there)
A EWhen I call him he will answer my prayer (Answer my prayer)
When I'm burdened, (he's there), with a load, (he's there),
F#7 B7That's when Jesus is a comforter to my soul
E Well, you may scorn me, turn your back on me,
AGod's got his arms wrapped all around me
E B7 E(I've got) I've got Jesus, and that's enough,
A E(that's enough) that's enough.
[Here, you go up to G, luther does something like this]
GYou know there's been a lot of times when I didn't have a dime,
C G I didn't cry to nobody but my Lord.
G He heard my plea, and came to see about me,
F#7 D7 cause He's one thing I can afford
GSo if you push me down, He'll pick me up
C GAnd He'll stick by me when the going gets tough,
D7 (I've got) I've got Jesus, and that's enough,
C G(that's enough) that's enough.
G Well He's the great emancipator and my heart regulator,
C G (Jesus is), yes he is
GHe'll make my way brighter and my burden lighter,
A7 D7(yes He will), Jesus will
GWell, you may scorn me, turn your back on me,
CGod's got his arms wrapped all around me
G D7 GAnd He fights down the devil 'till he makes him give up, and that's enough,
C G (that's enough) that's enough.
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