Johnny Cash – Big River chords

ENow a taught the weepin willow how ta cry
E7 E F#7 B7And a showed the clouds how ta cover up,the clear blue sky
E E7 A7And the tears a cried for that woman,are gonna,flood you big river
E B7 E G/E/G/E/G/EThen am gonna sit right here until a die
EI met her accidently in St Paul,Minnesota
E7 E F#7 B7An it tore me up everytime a heard her drawl,Southern drawl
E E7 A7Then a heard ma dream was back downstream cavortin in Davenport
E B7 E G/E/G/E/G/EAnd a follwed you,big river,when you called
EThen you took me to St Louis,later on,down the river
E7 E F#7 B7A freighter said she's been here but she's gone,boy she's gone
E E7 A7 A found her trail in Memphis,but she just walked up the block
E B7 E G/E/G/E/G/EShe raised a few eyebrows,and then went on down alone
ENow don't you batter down by Baton Rouge,River Queen,roll it on
E7 E F#7 B7Take that woman on down to New Orleans,New Orleans
E E7 A7Go on a've had enough,dump ma blues down in the gulf
E B7 E G/E/G/E/G/EShe loves you,big river,more than me
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