Johnny Cash – Cocaine Carolina chords

C FMorning found me lying on a floor in New Orleans
G CLookin like the patches that was bout to eat my jeans
C FFeelin like my belly was a warehouse for the blues
G CAnd I sure miss my sweet Cocaine Carolina
F CMet her on an ocean line, called her Cocaine Carolina
G C C7She was quite a lady then and I was twenty two
F CGod know how much I adore her, I just never could afford her
G CCocaine Carolina, how did I get hooked on you?
F CSo, goodbye Cocaine Carolina, you and I are through
G C C7I'm going back to Sandy Skaggs, she knows just what to do
F CShe don't love me for my money. She just wants my body, honey
G CCocaine Carolina, how did I get hooked on you?
Oh someone said if I was lucky, I could go back to Kentucky Lexington was famous for its bluegrass and its hills Carolina we should get up, don't you know we have to split up? Maybe I should go to California... Chorus then repeat to fade. First tab! Ricky :-)
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