Johnny Cash - Johnny Yuma Theme chords

		Johnny Yuma Theme - Johnny Cash
Tabbed by: maguri
Tuning: Standard

Johnny Cash 
Johnny Yuma Theme (1959)
Now on: "My Rifle, My Pony and Me - Movie and TV Soundtracks" 
        (Bear Family BCD 15 625 AH)

A fine tune by Johnny Cash featuring the trademark key shifts already used 
in Ring of Fire. It is not "The Rebel - Johnny Yuma", the theme song from 
the TV series penned by Richard Markowitz and Andrew Fenady, but a different
song. I'm not sure about the title: Whereas the cover has the title "The 
Rebel Johnny Yuma" (which can't be correct as this is another song), the 
booklet has "Johnny Yuma Theme" along with detailed production credits. 
That's why I rather trust the booklet.

The song is in B; I usually use a capo 1st fret and play in A. 
The intro is tabbed without capo, though.

Intro (electric guitar) B B B B e|----|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|B|----|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|G|----|----------------|--------------3-|--3---3---3---3-|--3---3---3---3-|D|----|----------------|--------------3-|--3---3---3---3-|--3---3---3---3-|A|----|1---1---1-------|1---1---1-------|1-------1-------|1-------1-------|E|1-1-|------------1-1-|------------1---|----1-------1---|----1-------1---|
This guitar goes on throughout the whole song following the chords but keeping the basic pattern from the intro with subtle variations here and there. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Capo 1st fret INTRO | A | A |A | A |
AHe came in like a restless wind
Yuma is the name He'll be going like the July snow Following the sun, man Better watch his gun, man
EHe's gonna be a rebel
A CTil the Wild West is tamed
CJohnny's slow and easy going
Like a tumbleweed Had to kill in Albuquerque But justice is his creed From Texas to the Black Hills
GCome and watch for Johnny Yuma
C AFor the wrong will not succeed
AYou may find him bedded with
The buffalo at night Had a gal in Jackson Town That begged him not to fight but Ardent soul is in a rut
ETo help to calm a stormy land
A CAnd make a few wrongs right
CIf you perk the innocent
Keep your back from the door Sleep with one eye open Keep a loaded .44, man Better watch that right hand
GJohnny Yuma's got his quick
C AWhen trouble's at the fore (fade out)
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