Johnny Cash - Frankies Man Johnny chords

Capo 1st fret

AWell, now, Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts;
They were true as a blue, blue sky.
D AHe was a long-legged guitar picker with a wicked wanderin' eye,
E ABut he was her man nearly all of the time.
AWell, Johnny, he packed up to leave her,
But he promised he'd be back.
D AHe said he had a little pickin' to do a little farther down the track.
E AHe said, "I'm your man; I wouldn't do you wrong."
AWell, Frankie curled up on the sofa,
Thinkin' about her man.
D AFar away the couples were dancin' to the music of his band.
E AHe was Frankie's man; he wasn't doin' her wrong.
A Then in the front door walked a redhead,
Johnny saw her right away.
D AShe came down by the bandstand to watch him while he played.
E AHe was Frankie's man, but she was far away.
AHe sang ev'ry song to the redhead,
She smiled back at him.
D AThe he came and sat by her table, where the lights were low and dim.
E AWhat Frankie didn't know wouldn't hurt her none.
AThen the redhead jumped up an slapped him;
She slapped him a time or two.
D AShe said, "I'm Frankie's sister and I was checkin' up on you.
E AIf you're her man you better treat her right."
AWell, the moral of this story
Is be good but carry a stick.
D ASometimes it looks like a guitar picker just can't tell what to pick.
E AHe was Frankie's man, and he still ain't done her wrong.
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