Johnny Cash - Ballad Of Boot Hill chords

Capo 1st fret

GHere lies Les Moore,
Dfour slugs from a forty-four,
Gno Les no more.
Em GOut in Arizona, just south of Tucson,
Em Dwhere tumbleweeds tumble in search of a home,
there's a town they call Tombstone
Gwhere the brave never cry.
Em D GThey live by a six-gun, by a six-gun they die.
Em GIt's been a long time now since the town was a boon.
Em DThe jailhouse is empty, so's the Palace Saloon.
GJust one look will tell you that this town was real.
Em D GA secluded old dirt road leads up to Boot Hill.
Em GWalk up to the fence there and look at the view;
Em DThat's where they were hangin', eighteen-eighty-two.
GIt's easy to see where the brave men died;
Em D GRope marks on the old tree are now petrified.
Em GAt night, when the moon shines so far away,
Em DIt gets mighty lonesome, lookin' down on their graves.
GThere lies Billy Klen; never wanted to kill,
Em D Gbut he's there with the guilty, way up on Boot Hill.
(Boot Hill.) For more Johnny Cash chords, see!
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