Johnny Cash - Girl In Saskatoon chords

Girl in Saskatoon

Intro: B  F#  B

B F# BI left a little town a little south of Hudson Bay
C# F#I couldn't find a thing to make a rounder want to stay
B E BI fought the wind across the barren waste and the crystal dunes
F# BGoin' for to marry the girl in Saskatoon
F# BI'm glad I realized that no one could take her place
C# F#My heart was beatin' for her like the winter beat my face
B E BBut knowin' that I'd see her made my spirit bright as June
F# BI'm freezin' but I'm burnin' for the girl in Saskatoon
E ASouth and west and followin' the cold December sun
B E I bedded down in the caragana when my daily trek was done
A D AThen up and pressin' onward by the light of the morning moon
E AA prodigal returnin' to the girl in Saskatoon
B F# B
F# BThen I found a trail that had packed beneath the snow
C# F#I made the final miles where the prairie lilies grow
B E BA steeple on a church glistened by the prairie moon
F# BI'm freezin' but I'm burnin' for the girl in Saskatoon
F# BBut my journey was forgotten when I held her in my arms
C# F#My wonderlust was stifled by possession of her charms
B E BAnd kneeling neath the steeple where we couldn't wait till June
F# BI found eternal spring with the girl in Saskatoon
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