Johnny Cash – God Will Cut You Down tab ver. 2

Ok this is my first tab and this is just
a dumb down version of the song meaning
that is sounds the same but im not sure
how accurate it is. so if this helps someone
else figure it out better or if someone can
build off of this then hey cool.

Ok the song is basically several instruments that play
a continuous rhythm, its sound like one is obviously a
six string, an other is a mandolin some small guitar, and
then a steel guitar. I basically combined all three of
them to get something that sound similar. Also it gonna
take some thought on your part in listening to the song
for timing.

intro: 2x let each note ring

verse/chorus: with the 22-0--2 you play it fairly quickly and the 22 is just the d string played on the second fret twice really fast. just listen to the song and play around with it.
riff 1: this riff is actually what would be the steel guitar. I play it right after the verse, so thats how i wrote it here, but its played at various parts of the song, you'll have to listen for the timing.
so there it is if you can add or anything please feel free to use this and add what u think goes where.
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