Johnny Cash – Casey Jones chords

A very easy song, and underrated at that! Classic Johnny right here.

Standard tuning, no capo. (This is a GREAT song for beginner guitarists).

G: 320033
C: x32010
D7: xxx212
D: xxx232

Note: You can also play a regular D in place of the D7, both sound correct. Just don't 
play D7 in place of D in the chorus, it sounds a bit off.

Intro: G (With some country/bluegrass plucking)

(Verse 1)
GCome all you rounders if you wanna hear,
C D7The story about a brave engineer.
GCasey Jones was the roller's name,
D7 GOn a 68 wheeler course he rode to fame.
(Verse 2)
GCaller called Casey bout half past four,
C D7He kissed his wife at the station door.
GHe climbed in the cabin with his orders in his hand,
D7 GSaid this is the trip to the Promised Land.
DCasey Jones, climbed in the cabin,
G DCasey Jones, orders in his hand,
G DCasey Jones, leaning out the window,
G D GMaking a trip to the Promised Land.
(Verse 3)
GThrough South Memphis Yards on a fly,
C D7Rain been a falling and the water was high.
GEverybody knew by the engine's moan,
D7 GThat the man at the throttle was Casey Jones.
(Verse 4)
GWell Jones said fireman now don't you fret,
C D7Sam Webb said "We ain't a giving up yet,
GWe're eight hours late with the southbound mail,
D7 GWe'll be on time or we're leaving the rails."
(Chorus) (Verse 5)
GDead on the rail was a passenger train,
C D7Blood was a boiling in Casey's brain.
GCasey said "Hey now look out ahead,
D7 GJump Sam jump or we'll all be dead."
(Verse 6)
GWith a hand on a whistle and a hand on a brake,
C D7North Mississippi was wide awake.
GI see railroad official said,
D7 G"He's a good engineer to be a lying dead."
(Chorus) (Verse 7)
GHeadaches and heartaches and all kinds of pain,
C D7All the part of a railroad train.
GSweat and toil the good and the grand,
D7 GAre part of the life of a railroad man.
(Chorus) And that is all, hope you enjoy! :) -Joe
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