Johnny Cash – Country Boy chords

Words and music by John R. Cash

CAPO: 1st Fret/Key: F#/Play: F
[F] Country [Bb] boy, ain't got no [F] shoes
Country [Bb] boy, ain't got no [F] blues
[F] Well, you work all day while you're wantin' to playIn the sun and the sand, with a face that's tan
But at the end of the day, when your work is done You [C] ain't got nothin' but [F] fun. Country [Bb] boy, ain't got no [F] ills Country [Bb] boy, don't owe no [F] bills
[F] You get a wiggly worm and then you watch him squirmWhile you put him on a hook and you drop him in a brook
And of everything's gonna turn out right You're [C] gonna fry fish to-[F] night. [F] Country [Bb] boy, you're lucky [F] free Country [Bb] boy, I wish I was [C] you, and you were [F] me. Country boy, got work to do Country boy, in the morning dew You gotta cut the weeds, you gotta plant the seed There's many a row you know you gotta hoe But when it's quittin' time, and your work is through There's a lot of life in you. Country boy, got a shaggy dog Country boy, up a holler log Well, he comes in a run, when you pick up your gun And with a shell or two, and your dog and you When you get your rabbit, you'll skin his hide He's gonna be good fried. Country boy, you got lots to lose Country boy, how I wish I was in your shoes.
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