Johnny Cash – Wreck Of The Old 97 tab

     G                      C
They gave him his orders at Monroe Vaginia
       G                         D
sayin' Steve your way behind the time
        G                        C
this is not thirty eight this is old 97
 G             D          G
 pull her into Spencer on time.

   G                         C
He turned and he said to his black greasy fireman
      G                       D
let's shovel on a little more coal
    G                  C
and when we cross that wide oak mountain
     G                D     G
just watch old ninety seven roll.

     G                       C
Was a mighty rough road from Lenburg to Danvill
      G                      D
on a climb with a three mile grade
        G                    C
it was on that grade that he lost his air brakes
G          D       G
see what a jump he made.

       G                            C
He was comin' down the grade makin' ninety miles an hour
    G                    D
his whistle broke into a scream
       G                           C
he was found in the wreck with his hand on the throttle
G          D            G
scolded to death by the steam

     G                  C
Well all you ladies had better take warnin'
     G                D
from this time on and learn
      G                         C
never speak harsh words to your true love or husband
        G            D       G
he may leave you and never return
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