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Johnny Flynn – Trains tab

Ok, so this is only one guitar part of the intro, and it's very simple, so i'm really 
for anyone expecting much.
but... forgive me because it's a start since there's no tabs up for the song at all yet. :)
Any corrections are welcome but i doubt there'll be much it's that easy.

i think it's mostly repeated over that and there's another guitar on the lower strings as bass. sorry again! here's the lyrics to beef it up a bit... In the shadows of a darkened room The shadow's gone despite the gloom And the soul that casted never made the grade He tripped upon a tripping fence, The kind that time has cooked and then With symphonies and thoughts like sharpened darts Trains don't stop your soul, they break your heart I'm dislocated and I'm full of fear I stopped the train when no-one was near And dreamt a storm of children passed me by Singing song of not a care, Dancing in the open air And bloodstained in ths sunlight you were with them And I have not the smallest thing to give them You must've forgotten how to play the game Or danced with all the nearly lame But lord above or ground below me, listen For all the time you lived you dreamt And having always came you went I'm full of you although we're far apart Trains don't stop your soul they break your heart Oh my deary me Has left me wanting more my friend And sovereign to the calendar Time and pace lost lavender Lost rosemary, left charcoal black Left death so white on ?? stack But season's end brought spring again And all before I blinked my friend
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