Johnny Flynn – Shore To Shore tab ver. 2

okay...this is a song I have been meaning to post for years now. I figured I
should finally get around to actually putting it up.

The song repeats the same basic progression.

Standard Tuning.  Capo 3 to sound like the album.

For the intro just repeat that first section of the tab for the C chord
a few times.  This song is a basic alternating bass country blues style
of playing.  Enjoy.  If you need help to get this down I'll make a YouTube
video and explain the tab and go through it slowly.  Just message me.

VersesC F Ce-------3-----------3-----------3-------------------------------------------|B-------------1-----------1--------------1-----------------1-----1----------|G----------------------------------------------2----------------------------|D-2-----2--------2-----2-----------2-----3--------3-----2-------------------|A----3-----3--------3--------3-----------------------3--------3-------------|E-------------------------------------1-----1-------------------------------| Shore to shore got some land between
C F Ce-------3-----------3-----------3-------------------------------------------|B-------------1-----------1--------------1-----------------1-----1----------|G----------------------------------------------2----------------------------|D-2-----2--------2-----2-----------2-----3--------3-----2-------------------|A----3-----3--------3--------3-----------------------3--------3-------------|E-------------------------------------1-----1-------------------------------| Island life is living from a cup of broken queens
Dm Fe-------1-----------1-----------1-------------------------------------------|B-------------3-----------3--------------1-----------1-----------1----------|G-------2--------2-----2-----------2-----------2-----------2----------------|D-2--0-----0--------0--------0-----------3--------3-----3-----------3-------|A---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------1-----1--------1--------1-------------| Hit the jackpot rolling through a pipe dream in a knot and I'm
Am Fe----0-----------0-----------0----------------------------------------------|B----------1-----------1--------------1-----------------1-----1-------------|G-------------------------------------------2-------------------------------|D----2--------2-----2-----------2-----3--------3-----2-----------2----------|A-0-----0--------0--------0-----------------------3--------3----------------|E----------------------------------1-----1----------------------------------| Missing what was pissing up the wall that i forgot
G Fe---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------1-----------1-----------1--------------|G------------------------------------------2-----------2--------------------|D-----------0------------0-----------3--------3-----3-----------3-----------|A----0h2h3--------0h2h3--------2--------------------------------------------|E-3------------3------------3-----1-----1--------1--------1-----------------| I forgot I forgot
Here is the bit played between the verses..Repeat this tab below asnecessary and then go right back into the verse. Am G C Fe---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B----0h1p0------------------------------1--------------1--------------------|G--------------2------------------------------0--------------2--------------|D----2------------2------------0--------2--------2-----3-------3------------|A-0---------0-----------0h2h3--------3-----3--------------------------------|E--------------------3------------3-----------------1-----1-----------------|
I'll pull all of the lyrics from a website and copy them below. I hope you enjoy. Jifigz Shore to shore, got some land between Island life is living from a cup of broken queens Hit the jackpot rolling through a pipe dream in a knot And I'm missing what was pissing up the wall that I forgot I forgot, I forgot I am the masked rider, give me some grace You've never seen me and you don't know my face She was no [Incomprehensible] it was cold, it was blue And it only happened despite me or you Me or you, me or you Smoking paper to the crimson flashing bars Drinking cocktail wine or cottage cream and passing strangers' cars Live in one room housing with a roof to meet the sky Spelling Jesus won't you please us 'cos you seem a damn nice guy Damn nice guy, damn nice guy We listened to passengers stamping old songs And we lose what's to lose when you haven't done wrong Drums too slow for a funeral beat No strumming of strings and no stamping of feet Of feet, of feet It's awfully considerate of you to think of me And it's not so hard to see you smoking fags and drinking tea It's the crummy lost at seasick with a floating on the waves To join the other flotsam with the ripped up queens and knaves Queens and knaves, queens and knaves There lies a lady, she's gone and she's gone She'll be a fine lady before too long But I hit her head and she finished her walking She shouldn't be dead, she was too busy talking Busy talking, busy talking They can fill a cup or two and still disturb the peace It's never made it all the way from shore to shore, from west to east I read that independence was a lightness in your step You walked away, I felt so heavy at the start of every day Every day, every day I've been waiting an hour and the bus hasn't come I've been cursing my God for the lack of the sun I've been ruined by destiny, lowered by fate And the upshot of this is I'm going to be late To be late, to be late
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