Johnny Flynn – The Lady Is Risen tab

Capo on 4th, i put it on higher 5th/6th to make it easier to sing as ol' flynnys got a 
deep voice :)
If you want to pick it this is what i do as an example, just do the chord patterns n' 
pick away,
i usually use my thumb for the low strings and middle for the higher, move up a string 
when you get to Am and F chords.
Some chords i don't know the names of when you get to the 3rd verse so i just described 
them ha!
            C                         G

Intro: C C She loves full and true G As a fighting bequest she was given her earth by a sea come to rest C And the children she bore loved this truly too much G Calloused pride come to die in our hands as we touch Am And so soften me now, let me take as it’s given F For the wind's started up and the lady is risennnn... C G C (C G C G Am F as above for verses) Is it snowing in London And warm in your bed Have I nothing to give you, I'm cold in your head. But you're burning in mine, come to rest off the train In the silence you've gone and the train comes again It’s been years since I saw you, I've learnt how to live And the love’s back in swing and the lady is risen Tell me where are the saints gone Oh where is the pull Are they flourished in times that were guarded with wool You know limbless they marched till they fell off the map. Are you sick of them falling like crumbs on your lap You once told me that this isn't all that there is And the band started up and the lady is risennnnn..... (C, G, Am, F, F chord pattern up to 3rd fret, then to 5th fret lift middle finger off) You know life isn't always like the end of your novels Things might wind up but they always unravel And I’ll watch you with eyes that can see I can see That you're too good at pulling that wool over me And I’ll fight but there’s nothing here I find to resist And the winds started up and the lady is risen. x
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