Johnny Hobo And The Freight Trains - New Mexico Song chords

So i noticed the other tab that's basically correct had the chord names under the 
lyrics, instead of on top of them which was really confusing.  I fixed them to be 
in standard tab format, and corrected a couple lyrics.

C G Am F

C G As he lights an American spirit
Am F He asks how I can smoke such shit
C G Am F
C G I say there's nothing like chaining
Am F G-P-C ciggarettes.
C G Cuz any smokes will kill ya
Am F But these will make you feel like it.
Am C I sit back down,
G Dmon the parking lot curb
Am CAnd remember back to February
G DmThe trip to Hartford
C GAnd five minutes ago
Am FHe was passed out on the staircase
C GTrying to make it to his appartment
Am Fbut not making it all the way.
C G And now he's driving us
Am F 100 miles an hour down the interstate
C G Another beer in his hand
Am FSwearin' we won't be late.
Am CThat was before everyone moved to New Mexico.
Am CThey all left a couple of months ago
Am C G DmUntil the day my friend
Am C G DmWhen I sleep on the floor of your van again
Am C G DmI'll be waiting in this parking lot,
Am C G Am Cand in my dreams, I am dirty broke, beautiful, and free.
Dm Am C G Am My hands clenched in a fist, and my face in a smile, after hitching to
Cmany miles.
Not really sure whats played here, I just play C G Am F twice over, which fits nicely.
Am C G Dm Am C G DmWe aren't revolutionaries, but we are the revolution.
Am C G DmAnd sometimes I think that the whole movement is just me and you
Am C G DmAnd maybe we'd all be better off if that was true
Am C G DmCuz then we'd at least know where we stand
Am C G DmAnd we could tell our comrades apart from the man
C Gcuz if the world isn't that simple
Am FMaybe this town is at least
C G Am FAnd if I'm not marching with them for war I'm sure not marching with you for
C G Am FClass traitor? What fucking ever!
C G Am FI'm just another middle class kid, too.
C G Am FBut if I'm not good at changing, I'm good at self loathing
C G Am F So I'll class hate myself with you.
Am CMay our only occupation be not having a job
Am CAnd may the only cocktails that we make be molotov
Am C G Dm Am C G DmMay that day be now, and for as many days after that as we know how
Am C G DmIt starts in this parking lot,
Am C G Amand in my dreams, I am dirty broke beautiful
C Dm Am C Gand free. My hands clenched in a fist, and my face in a smile, after
Am Chitching too many miles.
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