Johnny Mathis – The Twelfth Of Never tab

The Twelfth Of Never:Johnny Mathis.
#9 in 1957. Gold record for Mathis.

D           DM7    G
You ask how much I need you,
F#   Em  G   D
Must I   ex..plain?
D A        Em7 A7 D    D7
I need you oh, my dar..ling,
G    D     D7   A   A7
Like roses need rain.
Em7 A7  Em7 A7        D    D7
You ask how long I'll love you,
G    D    D7  A   A7
I'll tell you true.
Em7 G                  Em7 G         
Un..til the twelfth of ne..ver,
G             Em7    D
I'll still be loving you.

A    A7 D     D7 G     A   A7 D
Hold me close....Never let me go.
F#      Bm     G                  Em7   A7
Hold me close. Melt my heart like April snow.

A7   D    DM7           G            Em7    D  D7
I'll love you 'till the bluebells forget to bloom.
D7   A7                 D    D7  G   D    D7       A7
I'll love you 'till the clo..ver has lost its per..fume.
A7        Em7  A7       D  D7 G   D   D7 A7
I'll love you 'till the poets run out of rhyme.
Em7 G                  Em7  G                Em7         D
Un..til the Twelfth of that's a long, long, time.



Em7 G                  Em7  G    Em7 G      Em7    A7   D
Un..til the twelfth of ne...ver. And that's a long,long time.(x2)

A fabulous fifties hit from Kraziekhat.
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