Johnny Otis – Crazy Country Hop chords

Johnny Otis
Crazy Country Hop

(it´s a 12 bar Blues in A)

AWay down in a country town one day
A DA little ole' country band began to play
A DThey had two guitars and a beat-up saxophone;
E AWhen the leader said go them cats began to blow
D AOoh wee oh oh,
E AOoh la la, let's rock and roll
ANow all the poeple gathered 'round
AJust to dig that rockin' rollin' sound
A DSuddenly the drummer rang a bell
E AAnd all them country cats began to yell
AOle' MacDonald did a crazy bop
ASaid it's time to milk my cow, I got to stop,
A DBut just before I cool it and cut out
E AHere's something all you cats can think about
ASnaggle-toothed Malinda was a drag,
AShe latched onto a dude who showed up stag
A DHe tried to run and then he tripped and fell;
E AShe kissed him and we all could hear him yell
AWell, a hound dog ran a polecat into town,
ABrought him to the dance and laid him down
A DSomeone hollered skunk and you can bet
E AAll them country cats is runnin' yet
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