Johnny Reid - A Moon To Remember chords

intro: C am C am

[Verse 1]

Cwrapped up beneath
ama blanket of stars
Cyou and me
amand the beat of our hearts
Cboth holding on
amholding on tight
FI can still see
Greflecting in your eyes
Ca moon to remember
ama night to surrender
Fa moment to treasure
Gforever yours and mine
Ca flood of emotion
amcast over the ocean
Fa moon to remember
G Cfor the rest of our lives - yeah
[Verse 2] looking at you nothing has changed what I felt back then, baby I still feel today you're all I want you're all I'll ever need I never will forget( the night you shared with me [Repeat chorus] C am F G 2X [Repeat chorus] Any correction would be appreciated
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