Johnny Reid – Kicking Stones chords

Kicking Stones-Jonny Reid

D G D I remember sitting in my old man’s truck
GWatching him and all the other men
A G ADown on their luck
DStanding around a fire
F#m G F#m EFighting off the cold
D A DSmokin, swearin, kickin stones
DYou know hard times
G DThey turn a good man bad
Make him do things
GOut of anger
A G AHe wish he’d never had
D And me and mama
F#m G F#m EWe’d watch him rolling home
D A DSmokin, swearin, kickin stones
A G A GKickin stones kickin stones Down a long windin road
D A D There was smoking, swearin, kickin stones
D G DAll the dark days, turn into years
D G A G AAnd all the hard times, they sure stole a lot of tears
D F#m G F#m E But there came a time, when I had to move on
D A DFrom the smoking, swearin, kickin stones
AKickin stones
GKickin stones
A GDown a long winding road
BmBrought me here
ABrought me home
BmWhere two boys
ABroke my home
GThey come running
Athey come laughing
Bmwhen I start singing
Athey start dancing
G A we go walking hand in hand
Dkickin stones
kickin stones kickin stones Chorded by Kenny Perry any requests to chord songs send em I'll do them.
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