Johnny Reid - In The Hands Of A Working Man chords

In The Hands of A Working Man-Johnny Reid
(Capo on 3rd Fret) Chords by Kenny Perry by request

G D/Gb Em CEarly in the morning I could smell that diesel burning
G Em G Dand I'd watch him and his old truck, go rumbling down the road.
G D/Gb Em CAnd later on in the evening, in the distance I would hear him
G D Glike lightning I'd go straight out that front door.
G C Em D Dsus C Em G DInto the hands of a working man life was easy, to understand,
G C Em D Dsus C D Gnow looking back on who I am, right there in the hands of a working man
C Em D Dsus
G D/Gb Em CI can still remember it was a cold day in December
G Em G DI walked into the kitchen I saw a tear rolling down his face
G D/Gb Em Che was sitting with my Mother they were leaning on each other
G D GI listened there she whispered I have faith
Chorus: C Em D Dsus C Em G D
C Em C D You know the more I see the deeper I believe, the best place for this world to be
G C Em D C Em G Dis in the hands of a working man, where love is easy to understand
G C Em D Dsus C D G now looking back from where I am, there I am, in the hands of a working man
C D G C Em D Dsus GThis world turns in the hand of a working man
This is played on piano so I think I have it pretty close for guitar, thanks for the requests
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