Johnny Thunders - One Track Mind chords version 1


	   ONE TRACK MIND - Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers

Tabbed by:Kangaxxter


These are the rhythm chords for One Track Mind, done by ear. Transpose to key. 
Notes at the bottom.

This song should be played quickly, with down strokes emphasizing stressed
lyrics (usually at the end of the verse). Keep in mind that the chord
changes are rather fast, so it might be easier to play Barre Chords. See the
recording off of L.A.M.F for Timing.

C - D - F - G

Verse 1:
CWhen I was born
DI had to spit out a song
FTo live as I wish
GI gotta swim like a fish
CSo I made a delusion
DWith creative confusion
FI fixed up a track
GAnd I don't look back
C G* FI gotta one track mind**
I gotta one track mind** I gotta one track mind
F GOver you
Verse 2:
CEverything's nice
DWhen you're covered in ice
FThen you open your eyes
GAnd it's one big lie
CWell, I feel right at home(?)
DIn a room of my own(?)
Fthe rule book is finish
GIt says "don't come in!"
Chorus Solo (don't know it, but just play the verse chords for the rhythm) Chorus Verse 3:
CI got tracks on my arm
Dtracks on my face
FThere's tracks on the walls
GThey're all over the place
CI don't think I'd miss it
DIf I had you to fix it
FI just want you(?)
GFor just one night
Chorus (repeated until fade out) Notes: *play only root note **Their are times when other singers yell out different things at this point in the final 2 choruses. These shouts are "All the time," "Yeah, yeah," or "Ain't got time." (?) Could not understand the original lyric: this is the best guess.
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