Johnny Thunders - Too Much Junkie Business tab

Artist: Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers
Album:  L.A.M.F.
Songs:  Too Much Junkie Business

Standard Tuning

E7:  x79(9)xx

Progression through most of song: A D A E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||----------------2-2-2---2---2-------------------------------------------------------||-2-2-2---2---2--0-0-3h4-0-4-0--2-2-2---2---2----------------------------------------||-0-0-3h4-0-4-0-----------------0-0-3h4-0-4-0--2-2-2---2---2-------------------------||----------------------------------------------0-0-3h4-0-4-0-------------------------|
A D E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||----------------2-2-2---2---2-------------------------------------------------------||-2-2-2---2---2--0-0-3h4-0-4-0-------------------------------------------------------||-0-0-3h4-0-4-0-----------------2-2-2---2---2--2-2-2---2---2-------------------------||-------------------------------0-0-3h4-0-4-0--0-0-3h4-0-4-0-------------------------|
Verse 1: A D Well you run down to the corner baby, see what you can cop A E You get some for your sister and you take yours off the top A D Run into the bathroom, fixing up a shot E7 Tie it up, shoot it up, bang your head, and throw it up Chorus: A D Too much junkie business A E Too much junkie business A D Too much junkie business E I don't wanna fuck around with you Verse 2: A D Your life becomes as sickening as that mess you call your face A E The pig you call your girlfriend is dead from shooting mace A D Climbing up the walls, you shot some old moth balls E Wrap it up, call it art, now your record makes the chart Chorus Repeat Intro Bridge: A D Too much junk, too much junk, A E Too much junk, too much junk, A D Too much junk, too much junk, E (E7 second time thru) I don't wanna see her hanging out with you Repeat Intro Verse 3: A D Well you're the coolest thing in town, with your face flat on the ground A E Friends went through your pockets as the coffin went down A D You overdosed at last, spike stuck in your head E7 Now you're dead...dead! dead! dead! Bridge there you go throw some Johnny Thunders slides in every now and then. if you wanna play the NY Dolls, "Pills" basically the same song, just key of E
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