Johnny Truant - Bloodening tab

hey guys, sorry i don't have the full tab up here, i just have a few parts, im still 
to get the rest of it up here, should have it all up here soon tho

Drop C tunning


D|------------------------------|A|------------------------------|F|------------------------------|C|--000-2-3-33---000-2-3-5------| X6G|--000-2-3-33---000-2-3-5------|C|--000-2-3-33---000-2-3-5------|
Im not sure what this riff is in the song
D|--------------------------------|A|--------------------------------|F|-------4h5h7--------------------|C|--2h3h5----- X12-|G|--------------------------------|C|--------------------------------|
Then the verse after it goes like this with another guitar playing the intro riff underneath it
D|-------------------------------|A|-------------------------------|F|-------------------------------|C|-------2h3h5 X12-|G|--2h3h5------------------------|C|-------------------------------|
That's all I got for now, its a shredder song BREE!!
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