Johnny Winter – I Guess Ill Go Away chords

I Guess I'll Go Away - Johhny Winter

Riff, played once for intro,
played twice during first 4 lines of verse the chords, and
played twice followed by chords as in each verse during instrumental segments.

riff1-----------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------20-----|----------------0---2-----------0-2-0------2---|---------0---2--------------0-2-------2--------|-0---3------------------0-3--------------------|can't stop thinkin.... wonderin why....
riff2------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------|----------------0---2-----------0-2-0-----------|---------0---2--------------0-2-------2--0------|-0---3------------------0-3----------------3--0-|can't keep doing... pack my things...
INTRO: riff1, riff2 VERSE1
E(riff1)Can't stop thinking 'bout you
EWondering why you're not around
E(riff2)Can't keep doing without you
EPack my things and leave this town
G G GI've been thinking about you
A A ACan't keep doing without you
G EGetting tired, not feeling better
G G GAin't got time to show you
A A AGirl, how well I know you
G A B7I guess I'll go away
[Instrumental] VERSE2 Can't keep waiting on you Time passes, I want you more Time to jump upon you Darling what are you wating for Can't keep waiting on you I'm gonna jump upon you Getting time for revolution Ain't got time for playing Just like I've been saying I guess I'll go away [Instrumental] VERSE3 Ain't gonna put me through it I don't have to live this way You can't hold me to it Gonna make my get away Ain't gonna put me through it You can't hold me to it Can't get no satisfaction Everything you're doin' Is drivin' me to ruin I guess I'll go away Hey, hey, hey
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