Johnossi – Sickness chords

			    SICKNESS - Johnossi

You will simply just strum E and A through the whole song. 
(Im not sure about the lyrics so I did not write the parts I did not know down)

E A E Sickness, there's a sickness I have.
A E When do walls come down.
A E A I try to smoth shit out
E A EWell it's just a sickness, something growing in me.
A E When do this walls come down.
A E A I don't wanna feel occupied... by this.
Sickness Well it's just a sickness. It's a sickness I have. When do this walls come down. I dont wanna feel occupied. I feel now, it has grown. ooh it's just, sickness ooh, it's just a sickness. Sickness Is it body or my, soul out of control. Whatever I might stuble upon there is always something,hold in by I feel now, It has grown. It is just sickness, Sickness, sickness, I have. It's just a sickness. Sickness I have. Sickness I have. Sickness, It's a sickness I have. But it's just a sickness, Hope you liked it! Cheers!
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