Jojo – Weak tab

WEAK [DEMO version]
Jesse Barrera

Standard Tuning

The song is all picked, except for the last chorus. Which is strummed.


2x for intro 4x for verse This is the closest I've gotten to the chorus. It's sounds pretty good to me. Chorus
e---4---x---6---x---|B---4---x---6---x---|G---5---4---7---6---| repeat 4xD---4---3---6---5---|A---6---4---8---6---|E---4---x---6---x---|
chord #1e---X---|B---X---|G---7---| 4XD---6---|A---5---|E---6---|
Chord #2e---X---|B---X---|G---4---|D---3---| 4X then go back to #1A---4---|E---X---|
Second time through just strum #2 once then slide up 2 frets. So it'll go like this: #2 slide "Baby just dont run away..." Then back to chorus 2x Go to Outro FIN email at if you have any questions.
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