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Coming For You
The High Road
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Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Piano Tab

Key: G#

Chords used:
C# -   x46664
Fm -   133111
G# -   466544
Eb/G - 365xxx
Cm -   x35543
C7/E - 032310

Intro: C# Fm G# Eb/Ge|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|B|---4---4---4-----|---4---4---4-----|---4---4---4-----|---4---4---4-----|G|-------------6-5-|-------------6-5-|-------------6-5-|-------------6-5-|D|-----------------|-3---3---3-------|-6---6---6-------|-5---5---5-------| (x2)A|-4---4---4-------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|E|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
Verse 1: G# Eb/G I had a change of heart Donít know where to start Fm Eb/G What Iím about to say May surprise you G# Eb/G But now I see it clear Life ainít always fair Fm Eb/G oh...oh What can you do
Piano: G# Eb/G Fm Eb/Ge|---------------|--------11-----|---------------|-------------------|B|--------11--13-|------------11-|-------9--11-8-|------------11--13-|G|---------------|---------------|---------------|--------13---------|D|-----13--------|-----13--------|----11---------|-----13------------| (x2)A|-11------------|-10------------|-8-------------|-10----------------|E|---------------|---------------|---------------|-------------------|
Refrain: C7/E Fm When you donít want to hurt him Cause you donít deserve him F# And thereís no other way yea yeah yeah yea
Piano: C7/E Fm F#e|-------6--8----|------4---6-|------4--6--9-|B|-----4-------9-|----1-------|----4---------|G|---3-----------|------------|--------------|D|-2-------------|-3----------|-4------------|A|-3-------------|------------|--------------|E|---------------|------------|--------------|
Chorus: C# Fm Iím breaking down I just canít take it anymore G# Cm Oh No, I wonít let you go You know Iím coming for you C# Fm No matter what its gonna take I gotta make this move G# Cm You're the one, that I choose You know Iím coming for you C# Fm And I just canít go another day Without you G# Cm next to me oh...oh yeah
Piano: (x3) C# Fm G# Cme|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|B|---4---4---4-----|---4---4---4-----|---4---4---4-----|---4---4---4-----|G|-------------6-5-|-------------6-5-|-------------6-5-|-------------6-5-|D|-----------------|-3---3---3-------|-6---6---6-------|-----------------|A|-4---4---4-------|-----------------|-----------------|-3---3---3-------|E|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
Verse 2: Piano part is the same for verse 1 G# Eb/G Donít know what to say Guess Iíll take the blame Fm Eb/G Eventually it is bound to happen G# Eb/G I know you played your part I ainít tryin to make it hard Fm Eb/G But itís the right thing to do (Repeat Refrain And Chorus) Bridge: No Piano E F# G# Now that you know the truth Just wanna be with you E Canít go back, this is real Cause what we share F# C# Itís undeniable Donít want to hide no more E F# Here I am and Iím coming for you...woah
Interlude: Piano C# Fm G# Eb/Ge|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|B|---4---4---4-----|---4---4---4-----|---4---4---4-----|---4---4---4-----|G|-------------6-5-|-------------6-5-|-------------6-5-|-------------6-5-|D|-----------------|-3---3---3-------|-6---6---6-------|-5---5---5-------|A|-4---4---4-------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|E|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
(Repeat Chorus till fade)
Guitar Part while Ending: Repeat Many Timese|------8-|B|-9-11---|G|--------|D|--------|A|--------|E|--------|
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