Jolina Magdangal – Maybe Its You tab

Title: Maybe It's You
Artist:Jolina Magdangal 
Tabbed by; Rodel F. Fariñas
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I've been alone searching for love'til you came along and touched my heartG-Am7-Bm7-Em7-Am7-C-Dwith you in my life i'll never think twiceit's you i've been waiting to call
Chorus: G-Am7-Bm7-Em-Am7-Bm7-Em7-Am7-Bm7-C-Am7-D Maybe it's you i'm thinking of Who'll mend this broken heart of mine it's you i'm wishing for who'll be with me tonight someone to hold,someone to cry,someone who'll make me feel alive Maybe it's you all my life Ohh.... G-Am7-Bm7-Em7-Am7-D No lonely hours but just precious times I turn to you and i'm alright Oh.... Never will die this feeling inside with you every moment's forever
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