Jon Abel - The Revelation Song tab

Verse 1:
           D                        Bm
There's a song that all the angels sing
         A                           G
A holy offering. There around your throne
           D                      Bm
There's a song from the start of time
                      A                             G
To you the Lord most high, In Heaven and down here below
     G  Bm A   D
For you alone are

 D     D     A
Holy, Holy, You are God Almighty!
     Bm                   G
Who was and is and is to come.
         D       D      A
You are worthy, worthy, to receive all glory.
 Bm                 G
All creation sings along
     A          D
The Revelation Song!

Verse 2:

With one voice we cry out Your name
Thankful for Your grace, and how You make us new.
So we come, joining with the choir
You're our one desire.
Lord forever we will choose.
To worship Only You!

Chorus x1

Bridge: x2
Bring blessing
And honor
And Glory
And power

Chorus x2

The Revelation Song, yeah
The Revelation Song

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